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  1. Laurence Nemirow (1990). Physicalism and the Cognitive Role of Acquaintance. In William G. Lycan (ed.), Mind and Cognition. Blackwell
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    Laurence Nemirow (1980). Review of Nagel's Mortal Questions. [REVIEW] Philosophical Review 89:473-7.
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  3. Laurence Nemirow (2006). So This is What It's Like: A Defense of the Ability Hypothesis. In Torin Alter & Sven Walter (eds.), Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New Essays on Consciousness and Physicalism. Oxford University Press
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    Laurence Nemirow (1995). Understanding Rules. Journal of Philosophy 92 (1):28-43.
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    Laurence Nemirow (1979). No Argument Against Ramsey. Analysis 39 (4):201 - 209.
    This article is a defense of frank ramsey's thesis that there is a symmetry between the logical roles of subjects and predicates in subject-Predicate sentences against recent objections.
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  6. Laurence Nemirow (1979). Functionalism and the Subjective Quality of Experience. Dissertation, Stanford University
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