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    Lee F. Kerckhove & Sara Waller (1998). Fetal Personhood and the Sorites Paradox. Journal of Value Inquiry 32 (2):175-189.
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    Lee F. Kerckhove (1998). Democracy and Technology. Teaching Philosophy 21 (3):283-285.
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    Lee F. Kerckhove (1994). Re-Thinking Ethical Naturalism: Nietzsche's ?Open Question? Argument. [REVIEW] Man and World 27 (2):149-159.
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    Lee F. Kerckhove (1994). Moral Fanaticism and the Holocaust. Philosophy in the Contemporary World 1 (1):21-25.
    I defend Kant’s moral psychology against John R. Silber’s argument that Kant cannot account for the radical evil of Hitler. Silber’s argument cannot be maintained, I argue, if Kant’s account of theological and moral fanaticism, and the personality of the moral fanatic, are taken into account. I contend that Kant’s writings support an analogy between the fanatical pursuit of religious and moral ideals and Hitler’s fanatical pursuit of an ideal of racial purity. I conclude that Kant’s account of moral fanaticism (...)
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