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    Lefteris Farmakis (2008). Did Tom Kuhn Actually Meet Tom Bayes? Erkenntnis 68 (1):41 - 53.
    Wesley Salmon and John Earman have presented influential Bayesian reconstructions of Thomas Kuhn’s account of theory-change. In this paper I argue that all attempts to give a Bayesian reading of Kuhn’s philosophy of science are fundamentally misguided due to the fact that Bayesian confirmation theory is in fact inconsistent with Kuhn’s account. The reasons for this inconsistency are traced to the role the concept of incommensurability plays with reference to the ‘observational vocabulary’ within Kuhn’s picture of scientific theories. The upshot (...)
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    Lefteris Farmakis & Stephan Hartmann (2005). Review of Inference to the Best Explanation by Peter Lipton. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2005 (6).
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    Lefteris Farmakis (2008). Is the Subjective Interpretation of Quantum Probabilities Really Inconsistent? Theoria 23 (2):163-173.
    Christopher Fuchs has recently offered a provocative version of quantum mechanical realism, which is based on the suggestion that quantum probabilities merit a subjective interpretation. His proposal, however, has been charged with inconsistency by Amit Hagar (2003), who argues that interpreting quantum probabilities subjectively is inconsistent with the realist claims Fuchs wants to maintain for the quantum system and the dimensionality of the Hilbert space that accompanies it. In this paper I first outline the fundamentals of Fuchs’s approach and then (...)
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    Lefteris Farmakis & Stephan Hartmann (forthcoming). Book Review: Inference to the Best Explanation by P. Lipton. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
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    Lefteris Farmakis (2006). Establishing the Epistemology Experiment. Metascience 15 (2):307-310.
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  6. Lefteris Farmakis & Stephan Hartmann (2005). „Review of Inference to the Best Explanation, ”. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 1.
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