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    Lena Gunnarsson (2011). Love – Exploitable Resource or 'No-Lose Situation'? Reconciling Jónasdóttir's Feminist View with Bhaskar's Philosophy of Meta-Reality. Journal of Critical Realism 10 (4):419-441.
    In this article I attempt to reconcile two seemingly conflicting theorisations of love, the one elaborated by Roy Bhaskar as part of his philosophy of meta-Reality and Anna G. Jónasdóttir’s historical materialist-radical feminist theory of love power. While Bhaskar emphasises the essentially non-dual character of love, envisioning it as a ‘no-lose situation’, Jónasdóttir stresses the antagonistic features structuring love relations by conceptualising love as a productive power that men tend to exploit women of. Rather than seeing these accounts as mutually (...)
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  2. Lena Gunnarsson (2015). Nature, Love and the Limits of Male Power1. Journal of Critical Realism 14 (3):325-332.
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