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Leonard S. Carrier [4]Leonard Samuel Carrier [1]
  1. Leonard S. Carrier (1981). Book Reviews and Critical Studies. [REVIEW] Philosophia 9 (3-4):379-389.
  2. Leonard S. Carrier (1981). Experience And The Objects Of Perception. Washington: University Press Of America.
    This work argues for a Direct Realist view of the perception of public objects. It argues against the need for special intermediary sensory objects, or sense impressions, requiring only stages in a physical process beginning with events at the surface of a physical object, the resultant stimulation of one's sense organs, and finally the excitation of the sensory portions of one's brain.
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  3. Leonard S. Carrier (1981). Event Identity and a Significant Physicalism. Southern Journal of Philosophy 19 (2):171-180.
  4. Leonard S. Carrier (1969). The Time-Gap Argument. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 47 (December):263-272.
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