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Profile: Lindsay Kelland (Rhodes University)
  1. Lindsay Kelland & Catriona Macleod (forthcoming). When is It Legitimate to Use Images in Moral Arguments? The Use of Foetal Imagery in Anti-Abortion Campaigns as an Exemplar of an Illegitimate Instance of a Legitimate Practice. Philosophy and Social Criticism:0191453714556691.
    We aim to interrogate when the use of images in moral persuasion is legitimate. First, we put forward a number of accounts which purport to show that we can use tools other than logical argumentation to convince others, that such tools evoke affective responses and that these responses have authority in the moral domain. Second, we turn to Sarah McGrath’s account, which focuses on the use of imagery as a means to morally persuade. McGrath discusses 4 objections to the use (...)
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  2. Lindsay Kelland (2012). A Narrative Model of Recovery. South African Journal of Philosophy 31 (2):290-300.
    In this paper I defend the suggestion that narratively understanding her experience of rape can help a survivor in her recovery from the harm that she has suffered. Susan Brison defends a similar suggestion, but, I argue, does not get all of the possible mileage out of narrative understanding because she does not explore what she takes to be the necessary features of a successful narrative itself. I hope to supplement her, primarily relational, account with a richer understanding of narratives (...)
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  3. Lindsay Kelland (2012). Louise du Toit, A Philosophical Investigation of Rape: The Making and Unmaking of the Feminine Self (Routledge: 2009). Philosophical Papers 41 (1):167-175.
    Philosophical Papers, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 167-175, March 2012.
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  4. Lindsay Kelland (2011). Free Will and Reactive Attitudes: Perspectives on P. F. Strawson's 'Freedom and Resentment' , Edited by Michael McKenna and Paul Russell. Philosophical Papers 39 (1):135-140.