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    Lisa Cipolotti & Brian Butterworth (1995). Toward a Multiroute Model of Number Processing: Impaired Number Transcoding with Preserved Calculation Skills. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 124 (4):375.
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    Marinella Cappelletti & Lisa Cipolotti (2006). Unconscious Processing of Arabic Numerals in Unilateral Neglect. Neuropsychologia 44 (10):1999-2006.
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    Sarah MacPherson, Gabriela Peretti Wagner, Patrick Murphy, Marco Bozzali, Lisa Cipolotti & Tim Shallice, Bringing the Cognitive Estimation Task Into the 21st Century: Normative Data on Two New Parallel Forms.
    The Cognitive Estimation Test is widely used by clinicians and researchers to assess the ability to produce reasonable cognitive estimates. Although several studies have published normative data for versions of the CET, many of the items are now outdated and parallel forms of the test do not exist to allow cognitive estimation abilities to be assessed on more than one occasion. In the present study, we devised two new 9-item parallel forms of the CET. These versions were administered to 184 (...)
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