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    Lloyd L. Weinreb (2000). The Right to Privacy. Social Philosophy and Policy 17 (2):25.
    The question that I address in this paper is whether there is a right to privacy. It is not the question whether in the United States there is a legal right to privacy or, more particularly, a constitutional right to privacy. There are any number of ordinary legal rights and specific constitutional rights that might be so described, and the U.S. Supreme Court has referred also to a generic “right to privacy” that is implicit in the U.S. Constitution. Nor is (...)
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    Lloyd L. Weinreb (1987). Natural Law and Justice. Harvard University Press.
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    Lloyd L. Weinreb (1991). What Are Civil Rights? Social Philosophy and Policy 8 (2):1.
    For all the discussion and debate about civil rights, it is striking how little attention is given initially to the question of what civil rights are. There is no well-understood principle of inclusion or exclusion that defines the category. Nor is there an agreed list of civil rights, except perhaps a very short, avowedly nonexhaustive one, with rather imprecise entries. Yet, if the extension of the category of civil rights is uncertain, its significance is not. All agree that it is (...)
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  4. Lloyd L. Weinreb (1996). The Moral Point of View. In Robert P. George (ed.), The Ruffin Series in Business Ethics. Oxford University Press 195--212.
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