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Profile: Lorelle D. Lamascus (St. Mary's University, Texas)
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    Lorelle Lamascus (2006). Aquinas and Themistius on Intellect. Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 80:255-273.
    Aquinas puts forward two different, and conflicting, interpretations of Themistius’s account of the intellect. In his earlier interpretation of Themistius, Aquinas understands him to hold the position that both the possible and agent intellect are separate and incorruptible, existing apart from individual human souls but shared in by individual souls in the process of knowing. In De unitate intellectus contra averroistas, however, Aquinas radically departs from this reading, hailing Themistius as a genuine interpreter of the Peripatetic position, while decrying Averroes’s (...)
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    Paula Lorelle (2014). De la matière de l’expérience dans les Recherches Logiques. Studia Phaenomenologica 14:307-328.
    This article presents itself as an attempt to explain Proust’s expression, “The matter of experience”, from Husserl’s concept of Materie in the Logical Investigations. This Husserlian concept will enable us to rethink the “matter” of experience, as being both intrinsically determined and intrinsically “relational”. Husserl uses this concept of Materie in two main senses. In the fifth Logical Investigation, it is used in order to define the “content” of the act and this concept will be explained in its own equivocation, (...)
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