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  1. M. A. Jaimes* Guerrero (2003). ?Patriarchal Colonialism? And Indigenism: Implications for Native Feminist Spirituality and Native Womanism. Hypatia 18 (2):58-69.score: 2010.0
  2. Anne Waters (2003). Introduction: Indigenous Women in the Americas. Hypatia 18 (2).score: 204.0
    Several themes arise here. First is the need to coalition with ecofeminists in struggle against ecocide of our planet earth. Second is the incredible violence committed against Native women in the name of continuing manifest destiny. Third is the overlapping of racism, sexism, and capitalism to create an imperial system of domination over the earth's resources. Fourth, there is a need to heal ourselves and our communities. Authors include Bonita Lawrence, Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, M.A. Jaimes* Guerrero, Andrea Smith, Lisa (...)
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