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    M. D. Potter (1993). Iterative Set Theory. Philosophical Quarterly 44 (171):178-193.
    Discusses the metaphysics of the iterative conception of set.
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    M. D. Potter (1993). Critical Notice: David Lewis's Parts of Classes. Philosophical Quarterly 43 (172).
    "Parts of Classes" tries to separate the unproblematic part of set theory (mereology) from the problematic part (singletons). In the process several things get lost: an empty set which is really empty; a satisfying account of the paradoxes; and the motivation for the iterative conception of set. Lewis' attack on the coherence of singletons makes it puzzling what he sees his book as doing. Nor is it clear that mereology is as ontologically innocent as Lewis would have us believe.
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    M. D. Potter (1990). The Philosophy of Set Theory: An Historical Introduction to Cantor's Paradise. Philosophical Books 31 (1):63-63.
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  4. M. D. Potter (1991). Review: Constructibility and Mathematical Existence by Charles S. Chihara. [REVIEW] Philosophical Quarterly 41:345-348.
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