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    M. Deblonde, R. de Graaff & F. Brom (2007). An Ethical Toolkit for Food Companies: Reflections on its Use. [REVIEW] Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 20 (1):99-118.
    Nowadays many debates are going on that relate to the agricultural and food sector. It looks as if present technological and organizational developments within the agricultural and food sector are badly geared to societal needs and expectations. In this article we briefly present a toolkit for moral communication within the food chain. This toolkit is developed as part of a European research project. Next, we discuss what such a toolkit can bring about, given the characteristics of the present day agricultural (...)
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    Lieve Goorden, Michiel Van Oudheusden, Johan Evers & Marian Deblonde (2008). Lose One Another ... And Find One Another in Nanospace. 'Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow's Society: A Case for Reflective Action Research in Flanders (Nanosoc)'. [REVIEW] NanoEthics 2 (3):213-230.
    The main objective of the Flemish research project ‘Nanotechnologies for tomorrow’s society’ (NanoSoc) is to develop and try out an interactive process as a suitable methodology for rendering nanoresearchers aware of underlying assumptions that guide nanotech research and integrating social considerations into the research choices they face. In particular, the NanoSoc process should sustain scientists’ capacities to address growing uncertainties on the strategic, scientific and public acceptance level. The article elaborates on these uncertainties and involved dilemmas scientists are facing and (...)
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    B. R. Bruns, R. S. Meizen-Dick, Negotiating Water Rights, Marian Deblonde, D. R. Dent, C. Lomer, J. Dunayer, M. D. Derwood, M. W. Fox & R. H. Gardner (2003). Bekoff, Marc. Minding Animals. Awareness, Emotions, and Heart. Oxford University Press, 2002. 199+ Pp. Brouwer, F. And DE Ervi (Eds.). Public Concerns, Environmental Standards and Agricultural Trade. Oxford: CABI Publishing, 2002. 347+ Pp. [REVIEW] Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 16:99-101.
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  4. M. K. Deblonde (2000). Environmental Economics: The Meaning of an 'Objective' Policy Science. Environmental Values 9 (2):235-248.
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