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    M. R. Bennett (2003). Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience. Blackwell Pub..
    In this work, two distinguished figures from neuroscience and philosophy present a detailed critical survey of the philosophical foundations of cognitive ...
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    P. M. S. Hacker & M. R. Bennett (2003). Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience. Malden MA: Blackwell Publishing.
  3. G. E. M. Anscombe, I. A. Apperly, A. Avramides, J. Barresi, K. Bartsch, E. Bates, M. Bekoff, M. R. Bennett, J. Bermudez & P. Bernier (2007). Campos, JJ, 152 Carpendale, JLM, 132nl7 Carpenter, M., 51, 52, 138 Carruthers, P., 19n4, 25, 128, 131nl5, 132n21, 133n23, 241n2. [REVIEW] In Daniel D. Hutto & Matthew Ratcliffe (eds.), Folk Psychology Re-Assessed. Kluwer/Springer Press 245.
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  4. M. R. Bennett & P. M. S. Hacker (2005). David Cockburn, University of Wales Lampeter. Philosophical Investigations 28 (2).
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