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    M. Y. Rady & J. L. Verheijde (2012). Distress From Voluntary Refusal of Food and Fluids to Hasten Death: What is the Role of Continuous Deep Sedation? Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (8):510-512.
    In assisted dying, the end-of-life trajectory is shortened to relieve unbearable suffering. Unbearable suffering is defined broadly enough to include cognitive (early dementia), psychosocial or existential distress. It can include old-age afflictions that are neither life-threatening nor fatal in the “vulnerable elderly”. The voluntary refusal of food and fluids (VRFF) combined with continuous deep sedation (CDS) for assisted dying is legal. Scientific understanding of awareness of internal and external nociceptive stimuli under CDS is rudimentary. CDS may blunt the wakefulness component (...)
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    M. Potts, J. L. Verheijde, M. Y. Rady & D. W. Evans (2010). Normative Consent and Presumed Consent for Organ Donation: A Critique. Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (8):498-499.
    Ben Saunders claims that actual consent is not necessary for organ donation due to ‘normative consent’, a concept he borrows from David Estlund. Combining normative consent with Peter Singer's ‘greater moral evil principle’, Saunders argues that it is immoral for an individual to refuse consent to donate his or her organs. If a presumed consent policy were thus adopted, it would be morally legitimate to remove organs from individuals whose wishes concerning donation are not known. This paper disputes Saunders' arguments. (...)
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    Thomas M. Wertin, Mohamed Y. Rady & Joseph L. Verheijde (2012). Antemortem Donor Bilateral Nephrectomy: A Violation of the Patient's Best Interests Standard. American Journal of Bioethics 12 (6):17-20.
    The American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 12, Issue 6, Page 17-20, June 2012.
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    Michael Potts, Joseph L. Verheijde, Mohamed Y. Rady & David W. Evans (2013). The Ethics of Limiting Informed Debate: Censorship of Select Medical Publications in the Interest of Organ Transplantation. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 38 (6):625-638.
    Recently, several articles in the scholarly literature on medical ethics proclaim the need for “responsible scholarship” in the debate over the proper criteria for death, in which “responsible scholarship” is defined in terms of support for current neurological criteria for death. In a recent article, James M. DuBois is concerned that academic critiques of current death criteria create unnecessary doubt about the moral acceptability of organ donation, which may affect the public’s willingness to donate. Thus he calls for a closing (...)
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