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    Andris Ambainis, John Case, Sanjay Jain & Mandayam Suraj (2004). Parsimony Hierarchies for Inductive Inference. Journal of Symbolic Logic 69 (1):287-327.
    Freivalds defined an acceptable programming system independent criterion for learning programs for functions in which the final programs were required to be both correct and "nearly" minimal size, i.e., within a computable function of being purely minimal size. Kinber showed that this parsimony requirement on final programs limits learning power. However, in scientific inference, parsimony is considered highly desirable. A lim-computablefunction is (by definition) one calculable by a total procedure allowed to change its mind finitely many times about its output. (...)
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    Ganesh Baliga, John Case, Sanjay Jain & Mandayam Suraj (1994). Machine Learning of Higher-Order Programs. Journal of Symbolic Logic 59 (2):486-500.
    A generator program for a computable function (by definition) generates an infinite sequence of programs all but finitely many of which compute that function. Machine learning of generator programs for computable functions is studied. To motivate these studies partially, it is shown that, in some cases, interesting global properties for computable functions can be proved from suitable generator programs which cannot be proved from any ordinary programs for them. The power (for variants of various learning criteria from the literature) of (...)
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    David B. Allison, Mark Roberts, Tim Armstrong, Carolyn Bailey Gill, Jitendra Bajaj, Mandayam Doddamane Srinivas, Gregory R. Beabout & Christian Bermes (1999). I. Authored Works. Continental Philosophy Review 32:111-121.
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    Derek Sleeman, Suraj Ajit, David W. Fowler & David Knott (2008). The Role of Ontologies in Creating and Maintaining Corporate Knowledge: A Case Study From the Aero Industry. Applied Ontology 3 (3):151-172.
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    Beth B. McConnell, Amr M. Ghaleb, Mandayam O. Nandan & Vincent W. Yang (2007). The Diverse Functions of Krüppel‐Like Factors 4 and 5 in Epithelial Biology and Pathobiology. Bioessays 29 (6):549-557.
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