1.  8
    Maria Jesus Munoz-Torres, Maria Angeles Fernandez-Izquierdo & Maria Rosario Balaguer-Franch (2004). The Social Responsibility Performance of Ethical and Solidarity Funds: An Approach to the Case of Spain. Business Ethics 13 (2-3):200-218.
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  2.  18
    Marta de la Cuesta-González, María Jesús Muñoz-Torres & María Ángeles Fernández-Izquierdo (2006). Analysis of Social Performance in the Spanish Financial Industry Through Public Data. A Proposal. Journal of Business Ethics 69 (3):289-304.
    Banking firms are becoming increasingly aware that their clients’ management of environmental and social risks may in term threaten their own business as lenders and investors. In addition, stakeholders are requiring banks to improve their social performance. As a result, some banks are developing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and management systems to reduce potential risks and improve their performance. In the Spanish financial system, half of the banking firms are savings banks, most of which have always used some Corporate (...)
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  3.  11
    Juana María Rivera-Lirio & María Jesús Muñoz-Torres (2010). The Effectiveness of the Public Support Policies for the European Industry Financing as a Contribution to Sustainable Development. Journal of Business Ethics 94 (4):489 - 515.
    In recent years, the debate about the role of the Public Institutions in the fields of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development has gained momentum. Nevertheless, the ambiguity of the latter concepts makes it difficult both to measure them and to estimate the impact that the different public initiatives may have on them. In this sense, the present research has the aim to design a fuzzy logic-based methodology applied to the evaluation of the above-mentioned processes in relation to the state-aid (...)
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