1.  21
    Marc Orlitzky & John D. Benjamin (2001). Corporate Social Performance and Firm Risk: A Meta-Analytic Review. Business and Society 40 (4):369-396.
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    Marc Orlitzky (2011). Institutional Logics in the Study of Organizations. Business Ethics Quarterly 21 (3):409-444.
    This study examines whether the empirical evidence on the relationship between corporate social performance (CSP) and corporate financial performance (CFP) differs depending on the publication outlet in which that evidence appears. This moderator meta-analysis, based on a total sample size of 33,878 observations, suggests that published CSP-CFP findings have been shaped by differences in institutional logics in different subdisciplines of organization studies. In economics, finance, and accounting journals, the average correlations were only about half the magnitude of the findings published (...)
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  3.  54
    Marc Orlitzky (2001). Does Firm Size Comfound the Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Firm Financial Performance? Journal of Business Ethics 33 (2):167 - 180.
    There has been some theoretical and empirical debate that the positive relationship between corporate social performance (CSP) and firm financial performance (FFP) is spurious and in fact caused by a third factor, namely large firm size. This study examines this question by integrating three meta-analyses of more than two decades of research on (1) CSP and FFP, (2) firm size and CSP, and (3) firm size and FFP into one path-analytic model. The present study does not confirm size as a (...)
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  4.  64
    Glen Whelan, Jeremy Moon & Marc Orlitzky (2009). Human Rights, Transnational Corporations and Embedded Liberalism: What Chance Consensus? [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 87 (2):367 - 383.
    This article contextualises current debates over human rights and transnational corporations. More specifically, we begin by first providing the background to John Ruggie's appointment as 'Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises'. Second, we provide a brief discussion of the rise of transnational corporations, and of their growing importance in terms of global governance. Third, we introduce the notion of human rights, and note some difficulties associated therewith. Fourth, we (...)
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  5.  28
    Marc Orlitzky, Diane L. Swanson & Laura-Kate Quartermaine (2006). Normative Myopia, Executives' Personality, and Preference for Pay Dispersion Toward Implications for Corporate Social Performance. Business and Society 45 (2):149-177.
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  6.  5
    Marc Orlitzky, Céline Louche, Jean-Pascal Gond & Wendy Chapple (forthcoming). Unpacking the Drivers of Corporate Social Performance: A Multilevel, Multistakeholder, and Multimethod Analysis. Journal of Business Ethics.
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  7.  1
    Marc Orlitzky, Rob Bauer & Timo Busch (2016). Sustainable Development and Financial Markets: Old Paths and New Avenues. Business and Society 55 (3):303-329.
    This article explores the role of financial markets for sustainable development. More specifically, the authors ask to what extent financial markets foster and facilitate more sustainable business practices. The authors highlight that their current role is rather modest and conclude that, on the old paths, a paradoxical situation exists. On one hand, financial market participants increasingly integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into their investment decisions, whereas on the other hand, in terms of organizational reality, there seems to be no (...)
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