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    Giovanna D'Agostino & Marco Hollenberg (2000). Logical Questions Concerning the Μ-Calculus: Interpolation, Lyndon and Los-Tarski. Journal of Symbolic Logic 65 (1):310-332.
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    Marco Hollenberg (1997). An Equational Axiomatization of Dynamic Negation and Relational Composition. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (4):381-401.
    We consider algebras on binary relations with two main operators: relational composition and dynamic negation. Relational composition has its standard interpretation, while dynamic negation is an operator familiar to students of Dynamic Predicate Logic (DPL) (Groenendijk and Stokhof, 1991): given a relation R its dynamic negation R is a test that contains precisely those pairs (s,s) for which s is not in the domain of R. These two operators comprise precisely the propositional part of DPL.This paper contains a finite equational (...)
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    Marco Hollenberg (1998). Characterizations of Negative Definability in Modal Logic. Studia Logica 60 (3):357-386.
    Negative definability ([18]) is an alternative way of defining classes of Kripke frames via a modal language, one that enables us, for instance, to define the class of irreflexive frames. Besides a list of closure conditions for negatively definable classes, the paper contains two main theorems. First, a characterization is given of negatively definable classes of (rooted) finite transitive Kripke frames and of such classes defined using both traditional (positive) and negative definitions. Second, we characterize the negatively definable classes of (...)
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    Marco Hollenberg & Albert Visser (1999). Dynamic Negation, the One and Only. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 8 (2):137-141.
    We consider the variety of Dynamic Relation Algebras V(DRA). We show that the monoid of an algebra in this variety determines dynamic negation uniquely.
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