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Profile: Maren Behrensen (Linkoping University)
  1. Maren Behrensen, Intersex Athletes: Do We Need A Gender Police In Professional Sports? IWM Junior Visiting Fellows' Conferences XXIX.
    Based on the case of Caster Semenya, I argue in this paper that the practice of Gender Verification Testing (GVT) in professional sports is unethical and pointless. The presumed benefit of GVT—ensuring fair competition for female athletes—is virtually nonexistent compared to its potential harms, in particular the exposure of individual athletes to a largely interphobic public. GVTs constitute a serious incursion on the athlete’s dignity, autonomy, and privacy; an incursion that cannot be justified by the appeal to fairness. My argument (...)
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  2. Maren Behrensen (2013). Born That Way? The Metaphysics of Queer Liberation. APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues 12 (2):2-7.
  3. Maren Behrensen & Samantha Brennan (2012). Margins Within the Marginal: Bi-Invisibility and Intersexual Passing. In Dennis Cooley & Kelby Harrison (eds.), Passing/Out: Queer Identities Veiled and Revealed. Ashgate
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    Maren Behrensen (2014). Identity as Convention: Biometric Passports and the Promise of Security. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 12 (1):44-59.
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    Maren Behrensen (2013). In the Halfway House of Ill Repute: Gender Verification Under a Different Name, Still No Contribution to Fair Play. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 7 (4):450-466.
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