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    Marilyn E. Coors & Lawrence Hunter (2005). Evaluation of Genetic Enhancement: Will Human Wisdom Properly Acknowledge the Value of Evolution? American Journal of Bioethics 5 (3):21 – 22.
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    Marilyn E. Coors (2006). Considering Chimeras: The Confluence of Genetic Engineering and Ethics. The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 6 (1):75-87.
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    Marilyn E. Coors (2002). Therapeutic Cloning: From Consequences to Contradiction. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 27 (3):297 – 317.
    The British Parliament legalized therapeutic cloning in December 2000 despite opposition from the European Union. The watershed event in Parliament's move was the active and unprecedented government support for the generation and destruction of human embryonic life merely as a means of medical advancement. This article contends that the utilitarian analysis of this procedure is necessary to identify the real world risks of therapeutic cloning but insufficient to identify the breach of defensible ethical limits that this procedure represents. A value-oriented (...)
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    Marilyn E. Coors (2003). A Foucauldian Foray Into the New Genetics. Journal of Medical Humanities 24 (3-4):279-289.
    A Foucauldian assessment of the common presumption that genetic information is potent and thus oppressive demonstrates that the concern may be misplaced. Foucault's concept of “technologies of self” reveals that genetic power originates not only from the potency of genetic information but from the penchant of individuals to victimize themselves in the name of optimal health, enhanced intelligence, perfect babies, or would-be immortality. Rather than seeking liberation from the power of the new genetics, Foucault's reinterpretation of the ancient understanding of (...)
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    Marilyn E. Coors, Thomas L. Matthew & Dayna B. Matthew (2015). Ethical Precepts for Medical Volunteerism: Including Local Voices and Values to Guide RHD Surgery in Rwanda: Table 1. Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (10):814-819.
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    Marilyn E. Coors & Susan F. Townsend (2006). Supporting Pregnant Women Through Difficult Decisions: A Case of Prenatal Diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Journal of Clinical Ethics 17 (3):266.
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