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  1. Mark Amadeus Notturno (2000). Science and the Open Society: The Future of Karl Popper's Philosophy. Central European University Press.
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    Mark Amadeus Notturno (2013). Soros and Popper: On Fallibility, Reflexivity, and the Unity of Method. Journal of Economic Methodology 20 (4):420-428.
    Let me begin by saying that I think that George Soros is right in identifying fallibility and reflexivity as important phenomena in economic life, and in social life more generally, and as phenomena that mainstream economic theory has largely ignored. I also agree with Soros that economics is an uncertain science. And I think that Soros himself, being one of the world's wealthiest men and most generous philanthropists, deserves credit for being ready and willing to think for himself. It would (...)
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  3. Mark Amadeus Notturno (1985). Objectivity, Rationality, and the Third Realm: Justification and the Grounds of Psychologism: A Study of Frege and Popper. Distributors for the U.S. And Canada, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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    Mark Amadeus Notturno (2008). Economism, Freedom, and “the Epistemology and Politics of Ignorance”: Reply to Friedman. Critical Review 18 (4):431-452.
    Jeffrey Friedman credits Popper for calling attention to our scientific ignorance, but faults him for failing to recognize that we are at least as ignorant about politics as we are about science. He also credits Hayek for realizing that the public could not successfully engage in piecemeal economic regulation, but faults him for not recognizing that this is due to the public's ignorance of economic theory. Friedman suggests that the types of ignorance overlooked by Popper and Hayek compromise the very (...)
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  5. Mark Amadeus Notturno & Rod Thomas (2013). A Dialogue on Banking and the Open Society. Philosophy of Management 12 (3):65-87.
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