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  1. Mark Cauchi (2009). Deconstruction and Creation: An Augustinian Deconstruction of Derrida. [REVIEW] International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 66 (1):15 - 32.
    In recent continental philosophy of religion there has been significant attention paid to the Abrahamic doctrines of creation ex nihilo and divine omnipotence, especially by deconstructive thinkers such as Derrida, Caputo, and Keller. For these thinkers, the doctrine represents a form of agency that does violence to various forms of alterity. While broadly supportive of their fundamental philosophical and ethico-political views, especially about the primordiality of alterity, I differ from them in that I argue that creation ex nihilo articulates the (...)
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    Mark Cauchi (2003). Infinite Spaces Walter Benjamin and the Spurious Creations of Capitalism. Angelaki 8 (3):23 – 39.
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    Mark Cauchi (2003). Religion. International Studies in Philosophy 35 (4):223-225.
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    Mark Cauchi (2013). Otherness and the Renewal of Freedom in Jarmusch's Down by Law : A Levinasian and Arendtian Reading. Film-Philosophy 17 (1):193-211.
    In this essay I argue that Down by Law (Jarmusch, 1986) is about how the encounter with otherness renews freedom and American identity. I first develop the idea of renewal through otherness by way of a discussion of Levinas' philosophy of freedom and Arendt's notion natality, contrasting it with the idea of negative liberty, which I explicate through a discussion of Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, and Tocqueville. Next, I show how negative liberty is engrained in the idea of America through a (...)
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    Mark Cauchi & Avron Kulak (2013). Introduction: Kierkegaard's Challenge to the Single Individual in the Present Age. The European Legacy 18 (7):1-2.
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  6. Mark Cauchi (2013). Happy Birthday to Kierkegaard! The Work of Celebrating the Coming Into Existence of One Who Is Dead. The European Legacy 18 (7):1-14.
  7. Mark Cauchi (2005). The Infinite Supplicant: On a Limit and a Prayer. In Bruce Ellis Benson & Norman Wirzba (eds.), The Phenomenology of Prayer. Fordham University Press