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    Mark L. Johnson (1987). The Body in the Mind: The Bodily Basis of Meaning, Imagination, and Reason. University of Chicago Press.
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    Mark L. Johnson (1995). Incarnate Mind. Minds and Machines 5 (4):533-45.
    We are beings of the flesh. Our sensorimotor motor experience is the basis for the structure of our higher cognitive functions of conceptual cognition and reasoning. Consequently, our subjectivity is intimately tied up with the nature of our embodied experience. This runs directly counter to views of self-identity dominant in contemporary cognitive science. I give an account of how we ought to understand ourselves as incarnates, and how this would change our view of meaning, knowledge, reason, and subjectivity.
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    Mark L. Johnson, Cause and Effect Theories of Attention: The Role of Conceptual Metaphors.
    Scientific concepts are defined by metaphors. These metaphors determine what attention is and what count as adequate explanations of the phenomenon. The authors analyze these metaphors within 3 types of attention theories: (a) “cause” theories, in which attention is presumed to modulate information processing (e.g., attention as a spotlight; attention as a limited resource); (b) “effect” theories, in which attention is considered to be a by-product of information processing (e.g., the competition metaphor); and (c) hybrid theories that combine cause and (...)
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    Mark L. Johnson (1979). Kant's Unified Theory of Beauty. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 38 (2):167-178.
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    Mark L. Johnson & Glenn W. Erickson (1980). Toward a New Theory of Metaphor. Southern Journal of Philosophy 18 (3):289-299.
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    Mark L. Johnson (1992). Reading Minds. Review of Metaphysics 46 (2):425-426.
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    Mark L. Johnson (2004). A. E. Denham, Metaphor and Moral Experience:Metaphor and Moral Experience. Ethics 114 (2):344-346.
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    Mark L. Johnson (1994). Paul Arthur Schilpp 1897-1993. Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 67 (6):50 - 51.
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