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  1. Steven J. Spencer, Christian H. Jordan, Christine Er Logel, Mark P. Zanna, A. Tesser, J. V. Wood & D. A. Stapel (2005). Nagging Doubts and a Glimmer of Hope: The Role of Implicit Self-Esteem in Self-Image Maintenance. In Abraham Tesser, Joanne V. Wood & Diederik A. Stapel (eds.), On Building, Defending and Regulating the Self: A Psychological Perspective. Psychology Press
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  2. Steven J. Spencer, Steven Fein, Erin J. Strahan & Mark P. Zanna (2005). The Role of Motivation in the Unconscious: How Our Motives Control the Activation of Our Thoughts and Shape Our Actions. In Joseph P. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams & Simon M. Laham (eds.), Social Motivation: Conscious and Unconscious Processes. Cambridge University Press 113-129.
  3. M. P. Zanna & J. K. Rempel (1988). In D. Bar-Tal & AW Kruglanski. In Daniel Bar-Tal & Arie W. Kruglanski (eds.), The Social Psychology of Knowledge. Editions de la Maison des Sciences de L'homme 315--354.
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  4. Mark R. Zanna (1996). James M. Olson Neal J. Roese. In E. E. Higgins & A. Kruglanski (eds.), Social Psychology: Handbook of Basic Principles. Guilford 211.
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    Sarah Steenhaut & Patrick van Kenhove (2006). An Empirical Investigation of the Relationships Among a Consumer's Personal Values, Ethical Ideology and Ethical Beliefs. Journal of Business Ethics 64 (2):137 - 155.
    This study provides an additional partial test of the Hunt–Vitell theory [1986, Journal of Macromarketing, 8, 5–16; 1993, ‘The General Theory of Marketing Ethics: A Retrospective and Revision’, in N. C. Smith and J. A. Quelch (eds.), Ethics in Marketing (Irwin Inc., Homewood), pp. 775–784], within the consumer ethics context. Using structural equation modeling, the relationships among an individual’s personal values (conceptualized by the typology of Schwartz [1992, ‘Universals in the Content and Structure of Values: Theoretical Advances and Empirical (...)
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