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  1. Mark Ryan & Pierre-Yves Schobbens (1995). Belief Revision and Verisimilitude. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 36 (1):15-29.
    The Egli-Milner power-ordering is used to define verisimilitude orderings on theories from preference orderings on models. The effects of the definitions on constraints such as stopperedness and soundness are explored. Orderings on theories are seen to contain more information than orderings on models. Belief revision is defined in terms of both types of orderings, and conditions are given which make the two notions coincide.
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    Mark Ryan & Pierre-Yves Schobbens (1997). Counterfactuals and Updates as Inverse Modalities. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (2):123-146.
    We point out a simple but hitherto ignored link between the theoryof updates, the theory of counterfactuals, and classical modal logic: update is a classicalexistential modality, counterfactual is a classical universalmodality, and the accessibility relations corresponding to these modalities are inverses. The Ramsey Rule (often thought esoteric) is simply an axiomatisation of this inverse relationship. We use this fact to translate between rules for updates andrules for counterfactuals. Thus, Katsuno and Mendelzons postulatesU1--U8 are translated into counterfactual rules C1--C8(Table VII), and (...)
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    Nikos Gorogiannis & Mark D. Ryan (2002). Implementation of Belief Change Operators Using BDDs. Studia Logica 70 (1):131 - 156.
    While the theory of belief change has attracted a lot of interest from researchers, work on implementing belief change and actually putting it to use in real-world problems is still scarce. In this paper, we present an implementation of propositional belief change using Binary Decision Diagrams. Upper complexity bounds for the algorithm are presented and discussed. The approach is presented both in the general case, as well as on specific belief change operators from the literature. In an effort to gain (...)
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    Mark Ryan (2013). Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines. The European Legacy 18 (5):675-676.
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  5. Mark Ryan (2015). Sharing God’s Company: A Theology of the Communion of Saints by David Matzko McCarthy. Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 35 (1):192-194.
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