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Mark Shiffman [5]Mark G. Shiffman [1]
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    Mark Shiffman (2006). Spectacles of Truth in Classical Greek Philosophy. Ancient Philosophy 26 (1):201-205.
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    Mark Shiffman (2005). Shaping the Language of Inquiry. Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 10 (1):21-36.
    In protreptic passages in three Aristotelian texts (Nicomachean Ethics I.7, Parts of Animals I.5 and Metaphysics A.1–2), there is a close relationship betweenthe use of the language of thaumaston (marvelous or admirable) and that of timion (honorable). These texts exhibit a progressive opening of Aristotle’s students to further horizons of philosophical awareness, within which is embedded a global transformation of the meanings of thaumaston. They mark the itinerary of a spiritual formation in which a new relationship through language to phenomena (...)
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    Mark Shiffman (2012). E. Jane Doering, Simone Weil and the Specter of Self-Perpetuating Force. Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 21 (1):83-86.
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    Mark G. Shiffman (2006). Review of Vance G. Morgan, Weaving the World: Simone Weil on Science, Mathematics, and Love. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2006 (3).
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