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    Marshall D. Willman (2009). Illocutionary Force and its Relation to Mood: Comparative Methodology Reconsidered. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 8 (4):439-455.
    It is sometimes argued that the study of grammar is irrelevant or unimportant in the business of comparative philosophy, or that it ought to be avoided in favor of methods that presuppose a strongly pragmatic point of view. In this regard, some philosophers have expressed skepticism about whether facts about grammar have anything to offer in the adjudication of competing theories of interpretation or translation. This essay argues that a strongly pragmatic orientation in comparative philosophy invariably overlooks an important role (...)
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    Marshall D. Willman (2010). Logical Analysis and Later Mohist Logic: Some Comparative Reflections [Abstract]. Comparative Philosophy 1 (1):53-77.
    Any philosophical method that treats the analysis of the meaning of a sentence or expression in terms of a decomposition into a set of conceptually basic constituent parts must do some theoretical work to explain the puzzles of intensionality. This is because intensional phenomena appear to violate the principle of compositionality, and the assumption of compositionality is the principal justification for thinking that an analysis will reveal the real semantical import of a sentence or expression through a method of decomposition. (...)
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