Martin R. Jones [3]Martin Richard Jones [1]
  1. Martin R. Jones & Nancy Cartwright (2005). Idealization Xii:: Correcting the Model. Idealization and Abstraction in the Sciences. Rodopi.
    ContentsPrefaceAnalytical Table of ContentsKevin D. HOOVER: Quantitative Evaluation of Idealized Models in the New Classical MacroeconomicsJohn PEMBERTON: Why Idealized Models in Economics Have Limited UseAmos FUNKENSTEIN: The Revival of Aristotle’s NatureJames R. GRIESEMER: The Informational Gene and the Substantial Body: On the Generalization of Evolutionary Theory byionNancy J. NERSESSIAN: Abstraction via Generic Modeling in Concept Formation in ScienceMargaret MORRISON: Approximating the Real: The Role of Idealizations in Physical TheoryMartin R. JONES: Idealization and Abstraction: A FrameworkDavid S. NIVISON: Standard TimeJames (...)
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    Martin R. Jones (2005). Idealization and Abstraction: A Framework. Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities 86 (1):173-218.
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    Martin R. Jones & Robert K. Clifton (1993). Against Experimental Metaphysics. Midwest Studies in Philosophy 18 (1):295-316.
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