1. Tarja Knuuttila & Martina Merz (2009). An Objectual Approach to Scientific Understanding: The Case of Models. In Henk De Regt, Sabina Leonelli & Kai Eigner (eds.), Scientific Understanding: Philosophical Perspectives. University of Pittsburgh Press 146--168.
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    Martina Merz (1999). Multiplex and Unfolding: Computer Simulation in Particle Physics. Science in Context 12 (2).
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    Martina Merz & Peter Biniok (2010). How Technological Platforms Reconfigure Science-Industry Relations: The Case of Micro- and Nanotechnology. [REVIEW] Minerva 48 (2):105-124.
    With reference to the recent science studies debate on the nature of science-industry relationship, this article focuses on a novel organizational form: the technological platform. Considering the field of micro- and nanotechnology in Switzerland, it investigates how technological platforms participate in framing science-industry activities. On the basis of a comparative analysis of three technological platforms, it shows that the platforms relate distinctly to academic and to industrial users. It distinguishes three pairs of user models, one model in each pair pertaining (...)
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