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    Mary Kathryn McGowan (2005). On Pornography: Mackinnon, Speech Acts, and "False" Construction. Hypatia 20 (3):22-49.
    : Although others have focused on Catharine MacKinnon's claim that pornography subordinates and silences women, I here focus on her claim that pornography constructs women's nature and that this construction is, in some sense, false. Since it is unclear how pornography, as speech, can construct facts and how constructed facts can nevertheless be false, MacKinnon's claim requires elucidation. Appealing to speech act theory, I introduce an analysis of the erroneous verdictive and use it to make sense of MacKinnon's constructionist claims. (...)
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    Mary Kathryn McGowan (2001). Impersonal Passion: Language as Affect (Review). Hypatia 21 (4):221-224.