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  1. Maurice E. Cohen & Donna L. Hudson (1991). A Medical Decision Aid Based on a Neural Network Model. In B. Bouchon-Meunier, R. R. Yager & L. A. Zadeh (eds.), Uncertainty in Knowledge Bases. Springer. 588--597.
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  2. Maurice Cohen & Erik Larsson (1988). Human Endogenous Retroviruses. Bioessays 9 (6):191-196.
  3. Maurice Cohen (1977). Contextual Analysis: An Approach to the Study of Philosophic Arguments. Metaphilosophy 8 (1):3–20.
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  4. Maurice Cohen (1976). Dying as Supreme Opportunity: A Comparison of Plato's "Phaedo" and "the Tibetan Book of the Dead". Philosophy East and West 26 (3):317-327.
  5. Maurice Cohen (1976). Confucius and Socrates. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 3 (2):159-168.
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