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    Medhat Khattar (2011). Toleration, Civility, and Absolute Presuppositions. Collingwood and British Idealism Studies 16 (1-2):113-135.score: 240.9
    This article argues that toleration understood as the principled restraint from the use of force is an instance of RG. Collingwood's 'ideal of civility' towards which liberalism as the process of civilisation aspires. In the first part of this article, Toleration as Civility, I draw on Collingwood's philosophy to provide an account of toleration as an instance of civility embodying self-respect, historical consciousness, and complete freedom of the will. Accordingly, the limits of toleration are conceived as necessarily informed by the (...)
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    Etienne B. Roesch, Frederic Stahl & Mohamed Medhat Gaber (2014). Bigger Data for Big Data: From Twitter to Brain–Computer Interfaces. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (1):97-98.score: 3.0
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