1. Michael Brody & Anna Szabolcsi (2003). Overt Scope in Hungarian. Syntax 6 (1).
    The focus of this paper is the syntax of inverse scope in Hungarian, a language that largely disambiguates quantifier scope at spell-out. Inverse scope is attributed to alternate orderings of potentially large chunks of structure, but with appeal to base-generation, as opposed to nonfeature-driven movement as in Kayne 1998. The proposal is developed within mirror theory and conforms to the assumption that structures are antisymmetrical. The paper also develops a matching notion of scope in terms of featural domination, as opposed (...)
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  2. Michael Brody (1998). The Minimalist Program and a Perfect Syntax: A Critical Notice of Noam Chomsky's the Minimalist Program. Mind and Language 13 (2):205–214.
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    Michael Brody (1987). On Chomsky's Knowledge of Language. Mind and Language 2 (2):165-177.