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    Michael R. Sheehy (2005). Severing the Source of Fear: Contemplative Dynamics of the Tibetan Buddhist GCod Tradition. Contemporary Buddhism 6 (1):37-52.
    Asking ?What is the nature of fear??, ?How is it that fear and terror are amenable to being ?severed? or ?transcended???, and ?Why would it be advantageous to ?sever? fear??, this paper investigates the act of cutting-through fear via the Tibetan Buddhist meditative tradition known as ?gCod? (?chöd?). Through examining Mahayana philosophical notions of self and phenomena, as well as the psychological implications of subject-object reification at the heart of gCod, we elaborate on the interior cognitive and emotional dynamics of (...)
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    Lucinda Vandervort (1985). Enforcing the Sexual Laws: An Agenda for Action. Resources for Feminist Research 3 (4):44-45.
    Resources for Feminist Research, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 44-45, 1985 In this brief article, written in 1984 and published the following year, Lucinda Vandervort sets out a comprehensive agenda for enforcement of sexual assault laws in Canada. Those familiar with her subsequent writing are aware that the legal implications of the distinction between the “social” and “legal” definitions of sexual assault, identified here as crucial for interpretation and implementation of the law of sexual assault, are analyzed at length in (...)
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