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    Monika Wulz (2012). The Material Memory of History: Edgar Zilsel's Epistemology of Historiography. [REVIEW] Studies in East European Thought 64 (1-2):91-105.
    The paper focuses on the concept of matter and the material in Edgar Zilsel’s considerations about historiographical methods in the context of the Marxist debates on the materialist conception of history in the 1920s and 1930s (György Lukács, Max Adler). It sheds light on Zilsel’s understanding of matter as fluctuating, interfering processes in the lapse of time and the related concept of irreversible laws and relates it to Ernst Mach’s philosophy and to Richard Semon’s theory of mneme . Finally, it (...)
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    Monika Wulz (2014). »in der Kontingenz der noch zu vollendenden Tatsachen«

    Genesis, Geltung und Zukunft in der historischen Epistemologie.
    Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie 2014 (1):47-59.
    The paper discusses the relation of genesis and validity ( Genesis and Geltung ) within the historical epistemologies of Gaston Bachelard, Louis Althusser, and Michel Foucault. From the perspective of emerging knowledge I examine the co-evolution of discontinuous moments, epistemic practices, and objects of knowledge. Based on this analysis, the paper argues that validity ( Geltung ) should be understood as situated knowledge.
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