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    Moreno I. Coco & Frank Keller (2012). Scan Patterns Predict Sentence Production in the Cross-Modal Processing of Visual Scenes. Cognitive Science 36 (7):1204-1223.
    Most everyday tasks involve multiple modalities, which raises the question of how the processing of these modalities is coordinated by the cognitive system. In this paper, we focus on the coordination of visual attention and linguistic processing during speaking. Previous research has shown that objects in a visual scene are fixated before they are mentioned, leading us to hypothesize that the scan pattern of a participant can be used to predict what he or she will say. We test this hypothesis (...)
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    Emanuele Coco (2009). Dialogues, Notes, Essays, Letters and Diaries. An Analytical Proposal Regarding the Contribution of Literature to the Society of Knowledge. Axiomathes 19 (4):401-415.
    The need for European citizens to be more involved in scientific research has emerged from the conclusions of the studies commissioned by the EC and by independent bodies. In the first part of this contribution, I will discuss the question of whether a dialogue between society and science is desirable. I will attempt to claim that at least one of the reasons why the dialogue between science and society should be defended has been underestimated in the course of most of (...)
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