1.  29
    Nadine Changfoot (2002). Hegel's Antigone. The Owl of Minerva 33 (2):179-204.
  2.  47
    Nadine Changfoot (2004). Feminist Standpoint Theory, Hegel and the Dialectical Self: Shifting the Foundations. Philosophy and Social Criticism 30 (4):477-502.
    The claim that theoretical foundations are historically contingent does not draw the same intensity of fire as it did one or especially two decades ago. The aftermath of debates on the political boundaries created by foundations allows for a deeper exploration of the foundations of feminist theory. This article re-examines the (anti)-Hegelian foundations of the feminist standpoint put forward by Nancy Hartsock and argues that the Hegelian subject of the early Phenomenology of Spirit resists gender codification in its experience of (...)
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    Nadine Changfoot (2009). Transcendence in Simone de Beauvoir's the Second Sex: Revisiting Masculinist Ontology. Philosophy and Social Criticism 35 (4):391-410.
    A large number of feminist philosophers and social critics accept that Simone de Beauvoir's conception of transcendence in The Second Sex relies on masculinist ontology. In contrast with feminist interpretations that see Beauvoir claiming the success of masculinist ontology, this article argues that transcendence as masculinist ontology does not succeed in The Second Sex because it requires a relation of domination, something contrary to its own definition of freedom-producing relations. The Second Sex obliquely reveals this failure, but Beauvoir does not (...)
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