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  1. Neil A. Manson Michael J. Thrush (2003). Fine-Tuning, Multiple Universes, and the "This Universe" Objection. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 84 (1):67–83.
  2. Michael Rota (2005). Multiple Universes and the Fine-Tuning Argument: A Response to Rodney Holder. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 86 (4):556–576.
    In this article I examine a common objection to the fine-tuning argument (an objection which may be referred to as the atheistic many universes (AMU) objection). A reply to this objection due to Roger White has been the subject of much controversy; White's reply has been criticized by Rodney Holder, on the one hand, and Neil Manson and Michael Thrush on the other. In this paper I analyze Holder's work in an effort to determine whether the (...)
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    Michael Thrush (2001). Do Meinong's Impossible Objects Entail Contradictions? Grazer Philosophische Studien 62 (1):157-173.
    Meinong's theory of objects commits him to impossiblia: objects which have contradictory properties. Russell famously objected that these impossiblia were apt to infringe the law of noncontradiction. Meinong's defenders have often relied upon the distinction between internal and external negation, a defense that only works against less exotic impossiblia. The more exotic impossiblia fall victim to an argument that uses an intuitively attractive logical principle similar to the abstraction principle, but which is not subject to Russell's paradox. The upshot is (...)
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    Ralph W. Rader (1976). The Dramatic Monologue and Related Lyric Forms. Critical Inquiry 3 (1):131.
    The most distinctive and highly valued poems of the modern era offer an image of a dramatized "I" acting in a concrete setting. The variety and importance of the poems which fall under this description are suggested simply by the mention of such names as "Elegy Written in a Country Courtyard," "Tintern Abbey," "Ode to a Nightingale," "Ulysses," "My Last Duchess," "Dover Beach," "The Windhover," "The Darkling Thrush," "Sailing to Byzantium," "Leda and the Swan," "The Love Song of J. (...)
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