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    Nicholas Bamforth (2008). Patriarchal Religion, Sexuality, and Gender: A Critique of New Natural Law. Cambridge University Press.
    Fundamentalist forms of religion today claim authority everywhere, including the debates over the politics and constitutional law of liberal democracies. This book examines this general question through its critical evaluation of a recent school of thought: that of the new natural lawyers. The new natural lawyers are the lawyers of the current Vatical hierarchy, polemically concerned to defend its retrograde views on matters of sexuality and gender in terms of arguments that, in fact, notably lack the philosophical rigor of the (...)
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  2. Nicholas Bamforth (ed.) (2005). Sex Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2002. OUP Oxford.
    The 2002 volume of the internationally renowned Oxford Amnesty Lectures series. This volume seeks to explore the role and limitations of ideas of human rights in the area of gender and sexuality; in particular, when considering the social position of women , gay men, trans-gendered and transsexual persons. The authors are internationally distinguished writers from the areas of literature, social theory, law, and journalism.
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