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  1. Nicholas F. Stang (2011). Did Kant Conflate the Necessary and the A Priori? Noûs 45 (3):443-471.
    It is commonly accepted by Kant scholars that Kant held that all necessary truths are a priori, and all a priori knowledge is knowledge of necessary truths. Against the prevailing interpretation, I argue that Kant was agnostic as to whether necessity and a priority are co-extensive. I focus on three kinds of modality Kant implicitly distinguishes: formal possibility and necessity, empirical possibility and necessity, and noumenal possibility and necessity. Formal possibility is compatibility with the forms of experience; empirical possibility is (...)
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  2. Nicholas F. Stang (2011). Review: Kant's Thinker. [REVIEW] Notes Dame Philosophical Reviews.
  3. Nicholas F. Stang (2010). Kant's Possibility Proof. History of Philosophy Quarterly 27 (3):275-299.