Nicholas M. Asher [3]Nicholas Michael Asher [1]
  1. Nicholas M. Asher (1988). Semantic Competence, Linguistic Understanding, and a Theory of Concepts. Philosophical Studies 53 (January):1-36.
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    Nicholas M. Asher & Daniel Bonevac (1985). How Extension Al is Extensional Perception? Linguistics and Philosophy 8 (2):203 - 228.
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    Munindar P. Singh & Nicholas M. Asher (1993). A Logic of Intentions and Beliefs. Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (5):513 - 544.
    Intentions are an important concept in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. We present a formal theory of intentions and beliefs based on Discourse Representation Theory that captures many of their important logical properties. Unlike possible worlds approaches, this theory does not assume that agents are perfect reasoners, and gives a realistic view of their internal architecture; unlike most representational approaches, it has an objective semantics, and does not rely on an ad hoc labeling of the internal states of agents. We (...)
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