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    Manos Tsakiris, Patrick Haggard, Nicolas Franck, Nelly Mainy & Angela Sirigu (2005). A Specific Role for Efferent Information in Self-Recognition. Cognition 96 (3):215-231.
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    Patrick Haggard, Flavie Martin, Marisa Taylor-Clarke, Marc Jeannerod & Nicolas Franck (2003). Awareness of Action in Schizophrenia. Neuroreport 14 (7):1081-1085.
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    Jean-Rémy Martin, Guillaume Dezecache, Daniel Pressnitzer, Philippe Nuss, Jérôme Dokic, Nicolas Bruno, Elisabeth Pacherie & Nicolas Franck (2014). Perceptual Hysteresis as a Marker of Perceptual Inflexibility in Schizophrenia. Consciousness and Cognition 30:62-72.
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    Gilles Lafargue & Nicolas Franck (2009). Effort Awareness and Sense of Volition in Schizophrenia. Consciousness and Cognition 18 (1):277-289.
    Contemporary experimental research has emphasised the role of centrally generated signals arising from premotor areas in voluntary muscular force perception. It is therefore generally accepted that judgements of force are based on a central sense, known as the sense of effort, rather than on a sense of intra-muscular tension. Interestingly, the concept of effort is also present in the classical philosophy: to the French philosopher Maine de Biran [Maine de Biran . Mémoire sur la décomposition de la pensée , Vrin, (...)
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    Marc Jeannerod, Chloe Farrer, Nicolas Franck, Pierre Fourneret, Andres Posada, Elena Daprati & Nicolas Georgieff (2003). Action Recognition in Normal and Schizophrenic Subjects. In Tilo Kircher & Anthony S. David (eds.), The Self in Neuroscience and Psychiatry. Cambridge University Press 380.
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  7. Nicolas Franck, Gisa Aschersleben, Talis Bachmann, Simona F. Baracaia, Barbara H. Basden, David R. Basden, R. P. Behrendt, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Richard A. Bryant & Alfred Buck (2003). Faw, Bill, 83 Flach, Rudiger, 620. Consciousness and Cognition 12:784-785.
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