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    Nir Friedman & Joseph Y. Halpern (1999). Belief Revision: A Critique. [REVIEW] Journal of Logic, Language and Information 8 (4):401-420.
    We examine carefully the rationale underlying the approaches to belief change taken in the literature, and highlight what we view as methodological problems. We argue that to study belief change carefully, we must be quite explicit about the ontology or scenario underlying the belief change process. This is something that has been missing in previous work, with its focus on postulates. Our analysis shows that we must pay particular attention to two issues that have often been taken for granted: the (...)
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  2. Jacob Rimer, Irun R. Cohen & Nir Friedman (2014). Do All Creatures Possess an Acquired Immune System of Some Sort? Bioessays 36 (3):273-281.
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  3. Nir Friedman, Joseph Halpern, Koller Y. & Daphne (2000). First-Order Conditional Logic for Default Reasoning Revisited. Acm Trans. Comput. Logic 1 (2):175--207.
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