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    Daniel Sarewitz, Guillermo Foladori, Noela Invernizzi & Michele S. Garfinkel (2004). Science Policy in its Social Context. Philosophy Today 48 (5):67.
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    Guillermo Foladori, Noela Invernizzi & Edgar Záyago (2009). Two Dimensions of the Ethical Problems Related to Nanotechnology. NanoEthics 3 (2):121-127.
    The current literature on nanoethics focuses on a wide array of topics such as equity, privacy, military, environment, human enhancement, intellectual property, and security. The identification of those topics leads to the adoption of an ethical stance, which we call the in itself dimension . In this article we argue that even though it is correct to identify the areas where ethical problems are imperative to deal with ( in itself dimension ), it is a partial approach. This is because (...)
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    Noela Invernizzi (2008). Visions of Brazilian Scientists on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. NanoEthics 2 (2):133-148.
    This article examines the visions on nanosciences and nanotechnologies (N&N) disseminated by a group of Brazilian scientists to legitimize this emergent field of research. For this purpose we analyzed reports on N&N published by the Journal of Science, edited daily by the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science, from 2002 to 2007, covering the period in which the main events in domestic N&N research policy took place. Our analysis shows that researchers on N&N are spreading visions of progress, efficiency (...)
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    Guillermo Foladori & Noela Invernizzi (2009). Las nanotecnologías en la crisis mundial. Polis 23.
    El artículo analiza el desarrollo de las nanotecnologías en el contexto de la irrupción de la crisis económica mundial. Comienza destacando los elementos claves de una revolución tecnológica: las características técnicas, el papel en la acumulación de capital y el impacto sobre las clases sociales. Luego se analiza el lugar de la tecnología en el desarrollo, para terminar mostrando cómo las tendencias a la concentración del capital están envolviendo a las nanotecnologías, lo cual puede llevar a un mundo más desigual (...)
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