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  1. Gareth Nelson & Norman I. Platnick (1981). Systematics and Biogeography. Harcourt, Brace and World.
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    Norman I. Platnick & Donn E. Rosen (1987). Popper and Evolutionary Novelties. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 9 (1):5 - 16.
    It has been argued by Hull and others that a remnant of essentialism impeded taxonomic progress until systematists abandoned attempting to define taxa on the basis of characters necessary and sufficient for group membership. The advent of cladistics suggests instead that it is an essentialistic view of characters, not of taxa, that should be abandoned, and that only a transformational view of characters allows evolutionary novelties to be identified, much less explained. Conventional Darwinian explanations are not tautologous but are difficult (...)
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    Norman I. Platnick & Gareth Nelson (1980). Book Review:Phylogenetic Systematics Willi Hennig, D. Dwight Davis, Rainer Zangerl. [REVIEW] Philosophy of Science 47 (3):499-.
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    Norman I. Platnick & Gareth Nelson (1978). The Purposes of Biological Classification. PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1978:117 - 129.
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