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  1. Norman R. Gall (2000). John D. Greenwood, Ed., the Future of Folk Psychology: Intentionality and Cognitive Science; Scott M. Christensen and Dale R. Turner, Eds., Folk Psychology and the Philosophy of Mind. [REVIEW] Minds and Machines 10 (3):416-423.
  2. Norman R. Gall (1999). Conceptual Multiplicity and Structure. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (5):764-765.
    Dienes & Perner make three mistakes in their account of the “natural language meaning” of implicit-explicit knowledge: They fail to take the multiplicity of use of a concept seriously enough, they arbitrarily separate use of a concept and its conceptual structure, and they tend to tailor their analysis for use by the Representational Theory of Knowledge.
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  3. Justin Leiber, Robert M. French, John A. Barnden, Syed S. Ali, Richard Wyatt, Timothy R. Colburn, Brian Harvey, Norman R. Gall, Susan G. Josephson, Francesco Orilia & Achille C. Varzi (1996). Book Reviews. [REVIEW] Minds and Machines 6 (1):89-129.
  4. Norman R. Gall (1994). David-Hillel Ruben, Explaining Explanation Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 14 (5):354-357.
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