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    Omar Edward Moad (2009). Comparing Phases of Skepticism in Al-Ghazālī and Descartes: Some First Meditations on Deliverance From Error. Philosophy East and West 59 (1):pp. 88-101.
    Abū Hāmid al-Ghazālī (1058–1111 c.e .) is well known, among other things, for his account, in al-Munqidh min al-ḍalāl (Deliverance from error), of a struggle with philosophical skepticism that bears a striking resemblance to that described by Descartes in the Meditations . This essay aims to give a close comparative analysis of these respective accounts, and will concentrate solely on the processes of invoking or entertaining doubt that al-Ghazālī and Descartes describe, respectively. In the process some subtle differences between them (...)
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    Omar Edward Moad (2007). Reasons, Resultance and Moral Particularism. Philosophical Quarterly 57 (226):112-116.
    According to Jonathan Dancy's moral particularism, the way in which a given moral reason functions as a reason for or against an action can vary from case to case. Dancy also asserts that reasons are resultance bases. But a reason why something ought to be done is that in virtue of which it is something that ought to be done. If the function of a reason can vary, then resultance bases cannot be reasons. Perhaps the particularist might conceive a reason (...)
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    Omar Edward Moad (2005). Al-Ghazali's Occasionalism and the Natures of Creatures. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 58 (2):95 - 101.
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    Omar Moad (2002). General Principles and Moral Judgment. Southwest Philosophy Review 18 (2):45-53.
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    Omar Moad (2012). Behind the Good, the Bad, and the Obligatory in Al-Ghazālī's Al-Mustaṣfā Min Al-Uṣūl. Journal of Islamic Philosophy 8:79-93.