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P. Lewicki [4]Pawel Lewicki [2]
  1. P. Lewicki (1986). Nonconscious Social Information Processing. Academic Press.
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    P. Lewicki, T. Hill & M. Czyewska (1992). Nonconscious Acquisition of Information. Philosophical Explorations 47 (6):792-801.
    We are reviewing and summarizing evidence for the processes of acquisition of information outside of conscious awareness (processing information about covariations, nonconscious indirect and interactive inferences, self-perpetuation of procedural knowledge). A considerable amount of data indicates that as compared to consciously controlled cognition, the nonconscious information-acquisition processes are not only much faster but also structurally more sophisticated in the sense that they are capable of efficient processing of multidimensional and interactive relations between variables. Those mechanisms of nonconscious acquisition of information (...)
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    P. Lewicki & T. Hill (1987). Unconscious Processes as Explanations of Behavior in Cognitive, Personality, and Social Psychology. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 13:355-362.
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    P. Lewicki, M. Czyzewska & T. Hill (1997). Cognitive Mechanisms for Acquiring "Experience": The Dissociation Between Conscious and Nonconscious Cognition. In Jonathan D. Cohen & Jonathan W. Schooler (eds.), Scientific Approaches to Consciousness. Lawrence Erlbaum
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    Maria Czyzewska, Thomas Hill & Pawel Lewicki (1990). The Ability Versus Intentionality Aspects of Unconscious Mental Processes. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 13 (4):602.
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  6. Maria Czyzewska & Pawel Lewicki (1993). How Directly Do We Know Our Minds? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 16 (1):37.
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