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  1. P. Marcer & E. Mitchell (2001). What is Consciousness? An Essay on the Relativistic Quantum Holographic Model of the Brain/Mind, Working by Phase Conjugate Adaptive Resonance. In P. Loockvane (ed.), The Physical Nature of Consciousness. John Benjamins
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    P. Van Loocke (ed.) (2001). The Physical Nature of Consciousness. John Benjamins.
    Stuart Hameroff opens with an extended and updated exposition of the Penrose/Hameroff Orch-OR model, and subsequently addresses recent criticisms of quantum approaches to the brain. Evan Walker presents his view on consciousness from the perspective of a new approach to the integration of quantum theory and relativity. Friedrich Beck elaborates on the Beck/Eccles quantum approach to consciousness. Karl Pribram puts the holographic view on consciousness in perspective of his life long work. Peter Marcer and Edgar Mitchell explain the relevance (...)
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