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    P. S. Kitcher (1988). Marr's Computational Theory of Vision. Philosophy of Science 55 (March):1-24.
    David Marr's theory of vision has been widely cited by philosophers and psychologists. I have three projects in this paper. First, I try to offer a perspicuous characterization of Marr's theory. Next, I consider the implications of Marr's work for some currently popular philosophies of psychology, specifically, the "hegemony of neurophysiology view", the theories of Jerry Fodor, Daniel Dennett, and Stephen Stich, and the view that perception is permeated by belief. In the last section, I consider what the phenomenon of (...)
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  2. P. S. Kitcher (1984). In Defense of Intentional Psychology. Journal of Philosophy 81 (February):89-106.
  3. P. S. Kitcher (1985). Narrow Taxonomy and Wide Functionalism. Philosophy of Science 52 (March):78-97.
    Three recent, influential critiques (Stich 1978; Fodor 1981c; Block 1980) have argued that various tasks on the agenda for computational psychology put conflicting pressures on its theoretical constructs. Unless something is done, the inevitable result will be confusion or outright incoherence. Stich, Fodor, and Block present different versions of this worry and each proposes a different remedy. Stich wants the central notion of belief to be jettisoned if it cannot be shown to be sound. Fodor tries to reduce confusion in (...)
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    P. S. Kitcher (1982). Two Versions of the Identity Theory. Erkenntnis 17 (March):213-28.
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    P. S. Kitcher (1980). How to Reduce a Functional Psychology. Philosophy of Science 47 (1):134-40.
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    P. S. Kitcher (1979). Phenomenal Qualities. American Philosophical Quarterly 16 (April):123-9.
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